Welcome to Crockett Kids...


"Crockett Kids Pediatrics" is the name of the pediatric practice established by T. Scott Benefield, MD in September, 1999. The name reflects the popularity of Lawrence County's proud association with David Crockett. The office itself is located at 320 Crews Street in Lawrenceburg. Our mailing address is PO Box A Lawrenceburg, TN  38464. Our office is fairly easy to find...just look for the large building shaped like a box of crayons! Click here for a Google Map!

Commitment to Children:

As a pediatric practice, our first and foremost commitment at Crockett Kids is to be advocates for children. This not only takes the form of physical health, but mental and social well-being of children as well. To love a child is to love life! Crockett Kids is designed to be a key part of preventive health care:

•Good Growth & Development

•Immunizations (Commercial & Vaccines-For-Children)

•Finding physical & mental problems before they become serious    

•Information on keeping your child healthy & safe

•Answers to your questions

Our motto is "Where going to the doctor is FUN!". Our goal is to make Crockett Kids Pediatrics a place where your child's problems are solved, your questions are answered, and health education is promoted, in an environment that is warm, bright, and FUN!

Commitment to Lawrence County and the surrounding community:

As a native of Lawrence county, Dr. Benefield loves being back "home" where he grew up! Unfortunately, the nature of medicine and particularly that of Lawrence County has been one of frequent change and instability. Fortunately, times have changed and Dr. Benefield has  made a commitment to the children of Lawrence County and the surrounding area!

Office Hours:

Although at times these things are subject to change, our office generally runs in this manner:

Our office is open Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Friday 8 a.m. - noon.

We usually see acutely ill patients ("sick visits") on Mondays and Fridays. "Well Child Visits/Check-ups" are usually seen Tuesday-Thursday and usually in the morning hours to avoid having sick children around well children. This is always subject to change and flexibility, especially due to the seasonal nature of most illnesses. This type of scheduling is not always 100% and not always feasible. We will always try to accommodate our patients when possible!


We appreciate if phone calls after hours can be kept to a minimum, certainly if they are "routine" problems, or of a non-emergent basis. Remember, when you are trying to eat dinner with your family or go to your child's ball game or school play...we are too! That said, we do not want to discourage your calls either! If you have an emergency, call the after-hours line 762-3341 and follow the instructions to speak with Dr. Benefield or the on-call physician should Dr. Benefield be away.

Office Calls:

Our office receives a lot of calls! Unfortunately we have to use a voice-mail system to handle the sheer volume. Fortunately we have an excellent staff and great nurses who can help answer your many questions! Please do not hesitate to talk with them! Dr. Benefield reviews all messages to the office and instructs the staff on our triage policies.  Call backs are returned in the order they are received or by the nature of the problem. Please be patient with our nurses and phone personnel. During the busy winter hours, there can be as many as 20-30 messages in an hour!

The toughest job in the office is done by our receptionists! Unfortunately they take a lot of abuse from upset parents, especially when parents demand to be seen "right that second!" Please be kind to them! We try to triage and our policy is always to guarantee your child a visit within 24 hours if needed. Obviously the severity of the problem/illness and clinical judgment will dictate the scheduling!

New Patients:

We love to see new patients! That said, we cannot physically always achieve all patient's requests! We also try to discourage "doctor shopping." If you are unhappy with a physician, we can offer second opinions, but we are not out to "steal" other patients. We also try to avoid convenience abuse. Our time is valuable and important to our established patients. We try to avoid seeing one-time only visits, as this robs from our established patients. The doctor-patient relationship is important and is based on trust. You must trust your doctor. If you do not, something is wrong and something needs to be changed. That said, if for some reason you are unhappy at Crockett Kids, you must tell us! We cannot fix or solve a problem if we don't know about it!


Our goal is to be as accessible as possible and to work with you. We accept most commercial plans in Tennessee. Call our office if you have a question. We currently accept a limited number of AmeriGroup and Tenncare Select  patients. Money should not keep your children from being healthy! Let us work with you!

“Where Going to the Doctor is FUN!”